Covid-19′ reality 😷

/, solidarity/Covid-19′ reality 😷

Good afternoon 🌍

Today, I come through a message of our FEBA : European Food Banks Federation who supports us to european level .

What s the reality of the Covid-19 ?

To hit us very hard . This outbreak will be followed by an economic decline and as a result of this, a deterioration of the society .

We re experiencing a challenging situation seen as a threat leading to despair or even as an opportunity that will take us back to the roots of solidarity in Europe.

«Nature doesn t negotiate»

A positive point: this situation of mandatory stop let us … to be the centre of our community and to know what is essential .

How are my other Food Bankers responding to this situation ?

To keep the chain of solidarity alive adapting their activity to the evolving situation. We re all very practical people and I want to be grateful because it s due to the my volunteer’s work who are contributing to reduce the food insecurity experienced by our most deprived citizens every day, at the same time, preventing food waste .

To finish, Pope Francis stated something during a Private Audience with FEBA members on 18 May 2019.

«Your work is like that of trees – they breathe in pollution but give back oxygen. And like trees, you don t keep the oxygen: you distribute the quantity required for living so that it reaches those in need».

I send us a message for everybody : stay at home ¡ we need the commitment of each person for the good of all.

A lot of encouragement for everybody 🙌 in this pandemic 🦠

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